Free Web Interface for Accurate Face Detection

FaceMaze is a free online web interface powered by state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms for detection, cropping, and filtering of faces in any image. Simply drag-and-drop your visuals to the uploader below and get the results in split-second.

FaceMaze is brought to you by Pixaven Modern GPU-powered image processing API
Click to upload or drag-and-drop your images here FaceMaze supports all major image formats up to 8MB each
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World-Class Accuracy

This is not OpenCV running on Linode. FaceMaze is powered by modern, ultra-accurate computer vision solutions.

Unmatched Performance

It takes us less than 60ms to detect, crop, and filter faces in any image. That's as close to real-time as you can get.

Rich Output Controls

Apply creative filters on detected faces with just a single click and control image geometry, padding, and output format with ease.

Who's behind this tool?

Your friends at Pixaven. We specialize in high-performance image processing and computer vision solutions. Since we have a world-class face detection backed into our APIs we thought it would be cool to expose it as a free web interface. Enjoy!

Privacy and security

All images you upload to FaceMaze are automatically and irreversibly deleted from our machines one hour from the moment of the upload. We do not store your images elsewhere and do not use them for any other purposes. Your images are safe with FaceMaze.

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